Automatic Spray Clean Lenin (1 Case/6-Pack)

Automatic Spray Clean Lenin (1 Case/6-Pack)
  • The Glade Automatic Spray Clean Lenin is the ideal option for an immediate fragrance burst in any area, allowing you to experience the clean and fresh scent of linen in your home or office with ease.
  • Lasts up to 60 days when set to the 36-minute setting, delivering a long-lasting fragrance that you may enjoy for weeks with control over the intensity of the fragrance via its two methods of application.
  • This item is ideal for busy people who want to keep their houses smelling fresh all day by simply setting it up and letting it do its thing, offering a rush of fragrance whenever you need it.
  • This product is ideal for usage in any room of your home, making it the ideal complement to any environment.
  • Plus, with free shipping, you may enjoy your new purchase without incurring any additional costs.

$41.99 (6.2 Oz 6-pack)

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